Consumer Responsibility.

So far throughout my blog, I have mentioned how companies fail to do this and how companies fail to do that. Well, its true, they fail to do a lot of things that they should be doing, but so do consumers. Consumers, just like companies, have obligations to the variety of industries they keep afloat, but more importantly they have obligations to themselves. I will use the retail industry to explain this concept, because 1. I know a little bit about the industry and 2. I feel that the examples are more relatable to readers. Continue reading

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On the Front Lines.

I often wonder what top executives think about when they implement a policy or a promotion to their business. Is it strictly monetary? Do they consider the customer first? Are they only looking out for the “good of the company?” It has been my observation that a lot of the times, companies fail to think about the people on the front lines.

As an associate, I have virtually no say in the policies or promotions of the company. As an associate that cares deeply about customer service, I probably “take” more control over the policies and promotions than other associates I work for. Why? Because I have a moral compass that points a different direction than most of them. Nothing makes me more upset than a company that fails to consider how a certain decision will impact the lower level in the organization. Unclear about what I am really referring to? Let me give you a general example. Continue reading

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“That Customer.”

To begin this post, I want to say Happy Easter to all of my readers! Hope you enjoy the time you spend with your church and your family!

With that said, let’s discuss something that I dealt with yesterday at work. My store  was busy yesterday. Everyone in the town was there putting together their last minute Easter outfits and I alone did about $3,500 in sales (and I was on the lower end of the sales spectrum due to working in the Home department). The store did about $85,000 in sales, about twice as much as a normal Saturday). I tell you these figures in an attempt to convey the number of customers and the amount of volume we did. At closing last night, the store was a wreck. Continue reading

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The Last 5%.

My college, Henderson State University, frequently invites guest speakers to speak in our school of business to share information about what they do and the things that they have learned outside of college. I recently had the opportunity to listen to Richard Johnson, owner/CEO of Johnson Investment Group LLC, speak and he said something that really stuck with me: Mr. Johnson stated that, “In whatever you do, do the last 5%.” He went on to say that this simple concept is a large part of what has made him successful in his career.

So, I started to think about what it is that I do. Then I started to examine what the last 5% of those things include. Here is what I came up with: Continue reading

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Small Business Spotlight: Springhill Tire Service

If you have read my previous post seen here, you know that I am a huge advocate of customer service. As part of my professional blog, I would like to periodically spotlight a small business that has gone above and beyond to see that I, the customer, was satisfied. You may never have the opportunity to do business with these businesses due to where you live, but for my local readers, I felt this could be helpful. Continue reading

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Customer Service Made Easy

In many industries, customer service is the key to a successful business. As a sales associate, I am responsible for the experience customers have when they come to my department. I am normally not one to boast, but when it comes to customer service, I can. I am good. Customers do not leave me unhappy. Why? Because I will do everything it takes to make them happy with the service I provide. Continue reading

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Retail: Training Customers To Say “I’ll wait.”

I have decided that it would be a good idea to start a professional blog so that I can simply state my opinion on things going on around me. This will be an evolving blog that focuses on a wide range of topics from business to family to becoming a better person. I greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have as I understand that there are many different viewpoints on the topics that I cover.

For my first post, I would like to briefly discuss something that has been on my mind for some time now: training customers in the wrong ways. As a sales associate at a growing retail department store, Belk, I have encountered a major problem in the retail industry. Before I dive head first into this problem, I want to say that I am a huge fan of the Belk company. I feel that the company has sound ethics, values and policies that impact both its employees and its customers. Continue reading

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