Small Business Spotlight: Springhill Tire Service

If you have read my previous post seen here, you know that I am a huge advocate of customer service. As part of my professional blog, I would like to periodically spotlight a small business that has gone above and beyond to see that I, the customer, was satisfied. You may never have the opportunity to do business with these businesses due to where you live, but for my local readers, I felt this could be helpful.

For my first Small Business Spotlight, I would like to introduce you to Springhill Tire Service in Springhill, Arkansas. Since I have been in Arkansas, I have had the pleasure of doing business with Willie, the owner of Springhill Tire, multiple times. I have bought two new sets of tires from him, multiple used tires, had my tires rotated, made countless phone calls to get quotes, had tires repaired by him and have stopped by to get his opinion on tires and wheels several times. It is obvious that he has his heart in what he does and is not afraid to work in the bay swapping out tires for a customer.

Springhill Tire is often times better than their competition on pricing. I am one that likes to shop around to compare prices to ensure that I get the most for my money. I did this with the first set of tires I bought and I did it on the first few used tires that I needed; each time Springhill Tire not only beat the price of the competitor without me asking, but often I received an upgraded tire for the price of the competitor’s standard tire. I no longer shop around for tires, Springhill Tire has earned me as a loyal customer.

Willie ends each phone call and in-person meeting with “God Bless, Brother” and when you are at his business, you truly feel like his brother. I highly recommend Springhill Tire Service for your next set of tires, as their customer service and willingness to help is top-notch.

Contact Willie today @ (501) 679-1226.

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